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Art. Nr. 19030017-90

Art. Nr. 19030017-96

Heavy-Duty Sawblade 90° and 96°

for use with GS, XT, PC

Our new 90° and 96° heavy duty sawblades are used to produce exact-shaped groves for bending at right angles and gluing rectangular joints and cases. To produce bends at right angles with very sharp edges a V-shaped grove is produced by means of our heavy duty sawblade 90°. After that the plate is heated at the groove and bent to the right angle. Linear and rectangular bonds are made in a similar way: For colored Material, which is to be glued with solvent adhesives the 90° blade is used to produce a V-shaped groove leaving 0,3mm of the sheet intact. After fixing the sheets with our special gluing tape (compatible with all adhesives) the plate is broken (remove the edges), the shining box is rectangular fixed by means of a prism and is glued with a solvent adhesive. For transparent cases to be glued with polymerisation adhesives the 96° blade should be used to produce an exact and small gap for the adhesive, which can then be bubble free applied by means of our gluing flask. After the adhesive has hardened the special gluing tape can be removed.

Your advantages at a glance:

⌧ heavy duty sawblade for your circular saw
⌧ 90° angle for colored sheets (solvent adhesive), 96° for clear sheets (polymerisation adhesive)
⌧ to be used with sheets of 3 mm to 6 mm thickness
⌧ very economic and fast production of light boxes and sharp rectangular bends.



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