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Art. No. 26030020 

Deburring blade

By means of our new tool you can reduce the time for deburring works by 50%. With one stroke both sides of the sheet (thickness from 3 mm to 25 mm) are deburred. You may use the tool for Acrylic glass GS, XT, SDP, "Resist" and other plastics. Our tool is also useful for preparing work pieces for polishing.

Your advantages at one glance:

With the Deburring tool you can reduce working time for deburring up to 50 %
Threefold triangle cutters for three time endurance
Deburring both sides of the edge in one stroke (3 mm to 25 mm)
Perfect for 
Acrylic glass GS, XT, SDP, Resist and other plastics
⌧ Get rid of opaque and scratchy cutting edges before polishing
For sheets/parts between 3 mm and 25 mm thickness



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