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Cool-Air Nozzle

Removing drilling- and milling-chips by means of cooled air is an economical alternative as compared to the use of cooling lubricants. The costly investment on minimal atomizer with coolant and the processing and disposal of the cooling lubricant is not necessary when using our cool-air nozzle. The light swarfs that are produced by modern milling technologies are easily removed even from deep caves and the use of cooled air mostly increases the cutting-edge life of the tools used. Friction caused overheating of the working piece is also inhibited as well as excess surface tension.
The cool air nozzle works as vortex tube in which two rotating streams of air flow in opposite direction. No moving parts are needed. At one end the inner air stream comes out of a nozzle as usable air cooled down to -25° C. At the other end of the tube the outer stream comes out at temperatures up to + 70°C. By means of a needle valve the volume flow rate and the amount of cool air can be regulated. A pressure reducing valve with filter and water trap should be mounted before the cool air nozzle. With decreasing air pressure the amount of cool air and the volume flow rate also de

Your advantages at a glance:

⌧ Cool air down to - 25° C
⌧ no wet surfaces through cooling liquids
⌧ maintenance-free operation
⌧ automated service unit with 1 μm filter
⌧ lots of accessories
⌧ pressured air input 6 - 10 bar
⌧ reduced burning danger -
exhaust air only max. + 70°C
⌧ air consumption approx. 150 l /min
⌧ Industrial Quality


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