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Präzisionskreissäge 50°

Art. Nr. 11030022-2000  

1660 mm Sliding table
Cutting width with rip fence 900mm
max. width left of the saw blade 1840 mm
Blade width up to 13 mm.
max. Cutting height 90 ° / 48 ° 100/80 mm
Inclination of the saw blade 90 ° - 48 °
max. Ø of sawblade 315 mm

Technical data panel saw
Table size 840 x 560 mm
Table height 900 mm
Speed of main saw blade 4000 rpm
Engine output 400 V/50 Hz 5.0 kW (6.6 HP)
Dust extraction outlet 120 mm
Connection-Ø of blade guard 60 mm
Weight 380 kg


Inner gap gluing:  click here
Outer gap gluing: click here
V-Grooves:          click here

Acrylic combination panel saw 48°

The swivel range of 48° is ideal for inner side bonds with ACRIFIX 2R 1900®. The perfect gap of 1.3 mm width meets the highest demands on the optics of the bond. Because ACRIFIX 2R ® 1900 has a perfect bead of adhesive with no orange peel effect.

Universally applicable for

Inner side gap bonding
The swivel range of 48° is ideal for inner side gap bonds with ACRIFIX 2R 1900®. The perfect gap of 1.3 mm width meets the highest demands at the optics of the bonding. With our polishing sawblade, you produce perfectly cut surfaces prepared for bonding. The roughness of the cut surface is very low. The cutting marks are invisible after bonding! This is true even with the use of UV hardening adhesives. Diamond polishing here is necessary no more. This saves you time and money as well as it produces top quality.

Outer side gap bonding
The same goes for external bonding with ACRIFIX® 2R 0190 and ACRIFIX® 1R 0192. In addition to high quality of the optics of the bonding, you achieve an additional sharp edge inside and outside!

V-groove bonding
Even when using our V-groove technology, the remaining bridge on the back of the sheet is kept exactly at the desired 0.3 mm. Because our sheet downholder is readily mounted to your panel saw. It ensures that the acrylic sheet does not flutter during sawing process. The integrated spring unit also evens the thickness tolerances of the material!

Your advantages at a glance:
optimal cutting angle 48°.
best bonding surface with low roughness with our polishing saw blades (optional).
ideal for inner and outer side gap bondings.
saving diamond polishing.
V-groove bonding for small boxes with our V-groove sawblade (optional).
 most significant optical bondings with ACRIFIX ® 2R 1900 and ACRIFIX ® 1R 9019 Solar.



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