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How to video: build an acrylic box with the 8-fold combination mill

8-Fold-Combination-Mill (8-FKF)

This combinations mill is designed for working with acrylic glass, wood, plastics and compound materials. It's high flexibility allows for economically machining rods or tubes and sheets made of plastics. Together with this very flexible and powerful machine come the necessary mutiple milling tools for professional work. The 8FKF is a multi-purpose machine and will soon be a essential part of your workshop. It comes with a lower milling spindle and an upper milling spindle which can be swiveled by 45°. The speed of revolution can be regulated electronically within six ranges continously from 8000 to 26000 RPM. Exact tuning of the milling speed to the material is essential for good milling results. Another essential part is the slide bar which is adjusted by means of a scaled manual wheel. The milling spindles are adjusted in the same way, which assures exact reproduceability of any adjustment. The vacuum exhaust system for upper and lower milling spindle removes chips very effectively. The newly developed table extension allows for working with large pieces and for handling overlength sheets.

Your advantages at a glance:

Deburring of sheets from 3 to 110 mm from both sides at a time
chamfering rods and tubes of diameters 20-650 mm and unlimited length
milling v-shaped grooves
milling profile even at excess length of working piece
cutting off bulges e. g. residues of polymerisation adhesives
copy milling
milling grooves
chamfering sheets e. g. at 45° or 48° for gluing with polymerisation adhesives even with excessive lenghts.

Eight options in detail:

1 Deburring of sheets from 3 to 10 mm from both sides at a time

2 Chamfering tubes, of diameters from 20 to 650 mm with unlimited

3 Milling v-grooves

4 Profile milling, also possible with long pieces

5 Removing of bulges e.g. left from polymerisation adhesives

6 copy milling

7 milling heels and grooves

8 chamfering sheets e. g. at 45° or 48° for glueing with polymerisation
adhesives even with excessive lenghts


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