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Art. Nr. 30010352    (20 ml)
Art. Nr. 06030008/S (110 ml)
Art. Nr. 30010351    (100 ml)

Bottles for Adhesives

for solvent-based, polymerization and UV-curing adhesives

We offer you the right adhesive bottle for each adhesive. Whether solvent-based, polymerization or UV-curing adhesive: You found the one-stop-shop.

Adhesive bottle for solvent-based adhesive

The adhesive bottle for solvent-based adhesive offers a nearly drip-free dispensing of low viscosity adhesives. The dosing needle is adapted to the viscosity of this adhesive. Furthermore, the blunt rounded dosing needle protects against injuries.

Adhesive bottle for Polymerisation

These adhesive bottles are flexible, squeezable with good resilience, so that the adhesive is sucked back again into the gluing bottle. Furthermore, you have a high tactile feedback that facilitates accurate dosing. The glue bottles can be disposed of with household waste and saves costly cleaning after curing of the adhesive.

Adhesive bottle for UV adhesive

The black adhesive resilience for UV glue also has a good resilience. Due to the ergonomic shape it is permanently hat in hand. The dosing tip is transparent, so that the adhesive flow can be observed. Furthermore, they can be cut to size according to the viscosity of the adhesive.

Your benefits at a glance:

No costly cleaning of the glue bottles
No accidents due to plastic tip or blunt dosing needle
Accurate dosing of the adhesive
resilience of the glue bottle to suck the glue back in again
disposal of the glue bottle through the household waste
Handy shaped gluing bottles
Economic package size (10 pieces)


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