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How to choose the right adhesive is described on the Evonik Industries AG's website, www.acrifix.com.

An interesting brochure from Evonik Industries AG about their adhesives and auxiliaries is available for download from their website, click here.

ACRIFIX® Auxiliary products

Auxiliaries optimize adhesives for applications or prepare them for bonding or joining.

They influence the viscosity, the curing or the color of the adhesive (for 2R adhesives).

Available products
ACRIFIX® CA 0020-60g (Art. Nr. 30010189-0060)
ACRIFIX® CA 0020 (Art. Nr. 30010189-1000)
ACRIFIX® CO 1077 Yellow (Art. Nr. 30010220)
ACRIFIX® CO 3075 Red (Art. Nr. 30010341)
ACRIFIX® CO 5076 Blue (Art. Nr. 30010219)
ACRIFIX® CO 9073 Black (Art. Nr. 30010321)
ACRIFIX® CO W074 White (Art. Nr. 30010340)
ACRIFIX® MO 0070 (Art. Nr. 30010216)
ACRIFIX® TC 0030 (Art. Nr. 30010118)
ACRIFIX® TH 32 (Art. Nr. 30010345)

Product requests by e-mail: just click on one of the above products. By the way, we do not raise any surcharge for small quantity orders.


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