Acrylic glass gluing -> Complete set adhesive application gun

Art. Nr. 30010240

Set consists of
- 1 stand on wheels, height-adjustable
- 1 holder for two supply bottles
- 1 aluminum 1.3-liter supply bottle, with air valve
- 1 black tubing, length 1000 mm
- 1 dispensing gun, with push button on the handle
- 6 different dosing nozzles with different aperture diameters

Complete set adhesive application gun

for accurate dispensing of low viscosity adhesives 1S or 1R. Particularly suitable for the production of small and large series.

Your benefits at a glance:

Very fast dispensing of low viscosity adhesives.
Precise control by push button on the handle.
Best for UV adhesives by black, almost opaque tubing.
supply bottle in big version (1.3 liters) for timely refilling of 1 liter of adhesive.
supply bottle with a closable upper air valve.
Rollable stand for flexible use throughout the workshop.
holder for two storage bottles for free use of various adhesives, such as solvent and UV curing adhesive.
6 dosing nozzles with different aperture diameters for dispensing adhesives of different viscosities.


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