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Annealing tester

Our annealing tester serves to reveal hidden tensions in the material. If the material has been processed correctly and without tension, the material will show no cracks. The annealed evaporates without residue, because it has the laboratory quality. If the material has stresses, however (e.g., thermal or mechanical), the tensions will dissolve on addition of tension-aggresive tester under cracking. The work piece is destroyed in this case.

By this method, you can quickly and reliably identify possible sources of errors in the workflow. Thus you reduce claims and reduce the rejects.

You can also check with the tester whether new tools or processes are suitable. We recommend the eXTruded acrylic as a test of processing material.

Contents: 1000 ml

Your advantages at a glance:
Fast and reliable inspection
Simple handling
No arrears by laboratory quality
error sources are identified
reject rate is reduced
Declining complaint rate
control of new tools and processes


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