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Art. Nr. 30010173-2000

Art. Nr. 30010173-3000

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Bending device 90°

Fixing your freshly bent Acrylic glass sheets at right angles. Fast, accurate and free of prints!

Quality Optimized bending
Acrylic glass!
In the bending device your heated
Acrylic glass will cool down securely and free of contact. This fixates the Acrylic glass sheet at just the right angle.

No prints, no scratches
The heated zone remains free WITHOUT CONTACT in the surrounding air. No prints or scratches from the bender. Through the felt covering the holding panels of the bender, the sheet is protected.

Flexible radii - flexible bender
Both the inner and the outer panels on the side of the bending device can be adjusted. As a result, the gap for the radius can be made smaller or larger. The heating zone is always free and without contact in the air.

Faster cooling
By the surrounding air, the heating zone cools faster and more evenly. Therefore, the workpiece can be furtherly processed faster.

Flexible length
The bending device is available in 2000 and 3000 mm length. This makes it ideal for all plate sizes and thicknesses.

Your advantages at a glance:
⌧ Non-contact fixing
⌧ No marks, no scratches
⌧ Flexible radii
⌧ flexible bender
⌧ Accelerated cooling
⌧ Faster processing
⌧ Available in two sizes up to 3000 mm


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