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Art. Nr. 30010127-007 Distance 7 mm
Art. Nr. 30010127-015 Distance 15 mm
Art. Nr. 30010127-020 Distance 20 mm
Art. Nr. 30010127-024 Distance 24 mm

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Distance Clips

for easy mounting of acrylic glass letters and -sheets

Our distance clips make it easy for you to mount Acrylic glass letters and -sheets. The Clips are available for different distances to the wall, fitting the different letter sizes. One package contains 125 pieces, each has two parts.
The white plastic part is mounted into the wall (e.g. with a dowel). The clear acrylic part fits exactly into its white counterpart. It is glued onto the
Acrylic glass letter from behind. Through the push-knob system the letters can be fixed onto the wall part. The joint is robust and reliable. And it can be unmounted again by pulling the letter off the wall part - perfect for cleaning, for changes or repairs! Your work will be faster, better and more cost-effective.

Your advantages at a glance:

Easy mounting of letters and / or Acrylic glass sheet
Elegant, flexible solution
Different sizes available

Plug-and-unplug system
Robust and reliable


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