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Art. Nr. 30010089

How-To-Video for the set:
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Set consists of

- Beaker lift to fine-tune the level

- Fixation mat for positioning the lab beaker

- Lab beaker to mix

- Special stirrer for bubble reduced stirring

- Motor with speed control

- Tripod construction with stand to hold the motor

- Dispenser set for precise dosing of the Catalyst 20

Complete set of mixing adhesives

Produce a constant quality of the 2R or 2K adhesives by making the mixing process reproducable. Control mixing time and intensity by a constant speed and special stirrer for reduced adhesive bubbles to keep your results on a high level. The set consists of:  fixation mat, small laboratory beaker 500ml, adhesives bottle, special stirrer, adjustable motor, with foot for tripod, Dispenser set for dosing of the catalyst no. 20

Your advantages at a glance:
constant high quality of the produced adhesive

errors can be traced and corrected

Extremely small bubbles by special stirrer

no waiting for degassing of the adhesive

This means a longer pot life

lighter and faster performance with minimal latency

High-precision metering of the catalyst 20 with the dispenser

No yellowing of the adhesive caused by overdosing of the catalyst 20


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