Acrylic glass Gluing >> Contour adhesive tape

Art. Nr. 30010070 25 mm

Art. Nr. 30010070 50 mm

Contour adhesive tape

Start gluing parts together with back-pack technique. Perfect outlining of the adhesive margin. Fast and clean gluing, perfect results.

Our contour gluing tape is designed for the backpack gluing technique. Outline the upper, smaller part with the tape. Leave a small, narrow inner distance. Put adhesive inside the outlined area. Place smaller part into it, tilting it at the beginning and then smoothly put it into its place. Scrape off the adhesive surplus with a spatula or spackle knife. Scrape adhesive onto gluing tape. Then tear off contour gluing tape with the surplus adhesive on its top. What is left is a perfectly outlined top part, glued to the bottom part. Let the adhesive polymerizate until dry.

Your advantages at a glance:
⌧ High thickness (83 my) for a high adhesive "wall" inside contour
⌧ Good perception of tape margin through green colour
⌧ High width providing enough space for adhesive surplus
⌧ High stability against Polymerization adhesive

⌧ unelastic
⌧ easy to tear off
⌧ Smooth tearing-off though special tape adhesive
⌧ No streaks in or from adhesive


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