Acrylic glass Manufacturing >> Complete Set Roundhole Milldrill

Art. Nr. 30010093

Application video for the set:
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Set consists of

- Round holesaw

- Transparent Limiter attachment

- Sealing tape

- AcryliCool

Complete set round holesaw

Milling circular holes in Acrylic glass. A huge variety of diameters - from 16 to 150 mm with the round hole of Serrox-bur!

Round holesaw in the diameter of your choice
select the Fräsbohrdurchmesser of 16 to 30mm in 1mm increments
10mm shaft diameter
fits into any standard electric drill or cordless screwdriver
For use on the construction site and in the workshop
chip to the outside specifically for
Acrylic glass
very good leadership by centering
Easy removal of the core by spring ejection
long life Carbide by tipped tool
precise breakdown by stop ring for material up to 12mm
Other diameters up to 150mm - price on request
Unterwasserbohren mit dem mitgelieferten Set Under water drilling with the supplied set
Drill underwater - even on the building site!
Transparent limiter attachment 
The limiting attachment encloses the hole and keeps the coolant
waterproof and leakproof
transparent for accurate tracking of the drilling operation
better work safety by protecting against chips and interference protection
Sealing tape to make leakproof
Bonds securely to any smooth and rough surfaces, non-fat
Flexible and Self-adhesive - even with itself
formed to an round seal ring
removable without residue on the surface of
Acrylic glass
AcryliCool coolant for
Acrylic glass
for cooling during the milling process
avoid tensions in the material
not aggressive, does not harm surface of
Acrylic glass
in one liter square bottle with dosing nozzle
unlimited shelf life
Also available in 30 liter containers - prices on request

That means time savings and in quality!


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