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Complete Set Forming

Start forming your Acrylic glass sheet fast and safe to the design you want. With our complete set "Forming", you are equipped professionally.

Heat-resistant gloves protect you against temperatures up to 200° C. So, the 170° C hot, ready to form Acrylic glass sheet is "in good hands". You can carry the hot sheet to your forming tool.

The forming cloth has a good fire resistance rating (EN 13773 - C1) and offers you a brilliant perception of any dust being on it. The heavy cloth (300 g/m²) takes any roughnesses during foming process, because it is being transformed easier than your acrylic sheet. The cloth is resistant to folding marks and regenerates from folds, which avoids folding imprints on the acrylic sheet.
The complete set includes a piece of cloth for 2200 x 3000 mm sheets. The cloth is also available in other dimensions or on a reel. The cloth has a width of 2200 mm - Oversize width good for forming big size sheets.

Your advantages at a glance:

⌧ Safe and fast Acrylic glass forming
⌧ Heat resistant gloves up to 200°C
hardly combustable cloth (EN 4102 - B1).
High perception of dust and other parts.
Resistant to folding marks
⌧ High regeneration from folding marks
⌧ significantly fewer marks on the surface
⌧ Cuts in very many sizes available

⌧ 300 g/m² heavy
⌧ Width 2200 mm - ideal for big sheet
⌧ Avoids marks on
Acrylic glass surface
Usable many times


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