Acrylic glass Manufacturing >> Sawblade specially sharpened for XT

Art. Nr. 19030018   3-10mm

Art. Nr. 19030019 10-25mm

Art. Nr. 30010225 1,5-3mm

Art. Nr. 30010224 25-250mm


specially sharpened for acrylic glass XT

Sawblade for cutting Acrylic glass XT and GS. Available in two versions, i.e. for sheet thickness 3 to 10 mm or for sheet thickness 10 to 25 mm. Measurements for both sawblades 300 x 3,2/2,2 x 30 mm. Other measurements on request. Specially sharpened and indented for Acrylic glass. Prevents whitening of edges of cut sheet and break-offs. No more plopping-off edges at the end of the cutting line! The sawblade is silenced for better comfort and occupational safety and health.

Your advantages at a glance:
⌧ Cemented Carbide-long life-Sawblade
⌧ Specially sharpened for XT

⌧ Distance between teeth designed for thickness
⌧ Silenced for comfort, safety and health
⌧ Excellent swarf transport
No more whitening of edges
⌧ Low tension in material while being cut
⌧ No more sheet break-offs
No more plopping-off edges


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