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Art. Nr. 30010086 

Annealing oven
with table function

Oven for annealing Acrylic glass. Relieves internal thermical and mechanical stresses in the material. Temperature can be calibrated up to 90° C, so it is perfect for annealing GS (80° C) and XT (70° C). Suggested annealing time: sheet thickness in mm divided by three = annealing time in hours, but at least two hours in any case. Special construction allows additional function as table or file. High-grade steel legs adjustable in height provide working height between 850 and 900 mm.

Also available in other dimensions.

Your advantages at a glance:
⌧ Double layer high-grade steel working plate and doors
⌧ Rounded edges for
⌧ Intermediate bottom
⌧ Sliding door
⌧ Adjustable high grade steel legs
⌧ Adjustable temperature between +30 and +90° C
⌧ 2,4 kW at 230 V - no three phase power needed
⌧ carries up to 500 kg
⌧ HVAC: thermical air convection
⌧ Inner measurement approx. 1800 x 600 x 600 mm
⌧ Other measurement on request


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