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Art. Nr. 30010084  

Heat Isolation Membrane

The Serrox Heat Isolation membrane is the perfect tool for Acrylic glass linear forming. The membrane isolates reliably and lets the heat pass exactly to the areas destined to be formed. Printings on the surface made by hard isolators or burns by metal tools belong to the past. The membrane is re-usable many times and does not contain dangerous or hazardous materials. You can cut the membrane with ordinary scissors to fit your needs. In short, it means precise, easy and economic working.

Your advantages at a glance:
⌧ Covers the heating wire precisely

⌧ No heat conduction
⌧ Heat only where you want it
⌧ Re-Usable many times
⌧ No hazardous materials like Asbestos
⌧ Precisely cut fitting your needs
⌧ No prints on surface, even after longer use


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