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Art. Nr. 30010083 

Adhesive Fixing Foil

Fix your Acrylic glass parts for milling within seconds with the adhesive fixing foil. Sticks on every glassy surface (like Acrylic glass) without being self-adhesive. Therefore, the foil stays clean and stays swarf-free. Use many times, the foil can be removed from the Acrylic glass parts without residue. Works even vertically! No surface-scratching, no residues, just clean with water. No vacuum, no energy needed. Maintenance-free, precise, reasonable and cost-saving results.

Your advantages at a glance:
⌧ Fixation of
Acrylic glass within seconds
⌧ Milling made easy
⌧ NOT self-adhesive
NO sticking swarfs on the foil
⌧ clean with water
⌧ Use many times
⌧ Works on all glassy surfaces
⌧ NO scratches
⌧ maintenace free
⌧ NO energy needed


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