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Artikel Set Komplettloesung

Art. Nr. 30010077

Set consists of

- step drill
- conical drill
- cross-holed countersink cutter
- Serrox cooling paste

- Application brush for cooling paste


5-fold Compact solution
for the daily work with Acrylic glass

Solve your five most common tasks in working with Acrylic glass - with the 5-fold compact solution from Serrox.

Our Compact solution consists of:

Milling cutter for milling drills (long drills) on building sites or in the workshop.
Step drill for drilling holes with different diameters; 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm. Ideal for cylindric holes.
Conical drill for conical holes from
8 to 20 mm diameter.
Cross-hole countersink cutter for countersink holes from 5 to 10 mm. Perfect for pre
cision holes for countersink screws.
Cooling paste for drilling. Best for cooling effect while drilling
Acrylic glass. Outstanding optical quality of the Acrylic glass surface .

Your advantages at a glance:
long, grooved holes in
Acrylic glass are no problem any more

Ideal solution for cylindrical holes with the step drill

⌧ Cutting perfect conical holes with the conical drill

Countersinks made easy with the cross-hole countersink cutter (no more rattling)

⌧ All cut holes get an outstanding optical quality with our "cool drill" cooling paste

No heat tensions in the material through using our cooling paste
safe transport of heat with our cooling paste
⌧ Super hard TiN-coating on all drills/cutters

That means: Saving time and gaining higher quality in every working step


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