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Complete set "Gluing"

Stop slippage of the parts you want to glue.
Keep your hands free for tearing off glueing tapes -
we take care for safe and secure fixation!

Adhesive fixing mat: fast fixing of the lower part
- holds without glueing, double-sided, adhesive on inclinations up to 60°
- High coefficient of friction 0,72 to 1,08 µ makes the mat
  perfect for grinding, polishing, glueing and storing of Plexiglas® on the wall
- high tensile strength - top quality!
- Measurements approx. 60mm x 1200mm

Vacuum suction unit: Fixation of the upper part
- holds without glueing through Vacuum
- holds vertically and horizontally
Tripod construction: base plate, three bars, two double sleeves (joints)
- flexible and fast adjustable
Glueing wedges made of wood and plastic
- for exact adjustment of all parts

Your advantages at one glance:

No slippage of Acrylic glass parts and sheets while glueing
Both Acrylic glass parts are securely fixed:
lower Acrylic glass part with adhesive fixing mat
upper Acrylic glass part with vac suction
vac suction works horizontally and vertically
flexible and fast adjustment horizontally and vertically
exact adjustment with fitting wedges in two sizes
tolerances in thickness of material are nivellated
Roughness of base surface ist also nivellated
Free hands for tearing off the glueing tapes
wide working space due to long tripod bars

In short: Saving time with every glueing process


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