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Set Polieren

Art. Nr. 30010040

Now available as a set, consisting of:
- 2-gear Drill
- Fixing Kit, for fixing the Drill at a table
- flexible shaft

- 1 Adhesive fixing Mat 60 x 1200 mm
- Set Polishing wheels 23pc.

- 3 Polishing Pastes: Pre-Polish,
  Gloss Polish, Nano-fine High-Gloss

- 3 Mikrofibre cloth for cleaning
- All together in the practical Toolbox


Complete set "Polishing"

Bringing gloss to each workpiece - tailor-made for Acrylic glass!

Your advantages at one glance:

2-gear-Drill: 1050 Watt 230 Volt. 200% more Power with two mechanical, stable metal gears. Drill chuck up to 13 mm. 1st Gear 1: 0-1200 rpm; 2nd Gear 0-2880 rpm.

Fixing Kit: Fix your Drill vertically or horizontally at the table, your workplace, construction site ...

Felxible Shaft: Heavy-duty-shaft for the polishing drill. 1300 mm long, chuck 1- 10mm.

Adhesive fixing mat: fast fixing of Plexiglas®
- holds without glueing, double-sided, adhesive on inclinations up to 60°
- High coefficient of friction 0,72 to 1,08 µ makes the mat
perfect for grinding, polishing, gluing and storing of
Acrylic glass on the wall
- high tensile strength - top quality!
- Measurements approx. 60mm x 1200mm

Set Polishing wheels: 23 pcs. in different Geometries (see picture), consisting of:
7x Nettle fibre wheels for Pre-polishing with collet - no changing needed;
7x Nettle fibre wheels for Polishing with collet - no changing needed;
1x 80 mm Nettle fibre wheel; 2x 100 mm Nettle fibre wheel; 1x 130 mm Nettle fibre wheel; 2x 150 mm Nettle fibre wheel; 1x 200 mm Nettle fibre wheel; 2x screws fitting in wheels.

3 Polishing Pastes: Polishing system for Pre polishing, Gloss polishing and Nano-fine High-Gloss polishing.

3 Microfibre cloths:

 for cleaning the
Acrylic glass workpiece
Toolbox: Keep your things together in the practical Toolbox. Polypropylene, with lid, two locks, and handle.


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