Acrylic glass Manufacturing >> Complete set "Filing and Deburring"

Komplettset Kantenbearbeitung

Art. Nr. 30010051

Now available as a set, consisting of:
- 1 Adhesive fixing mat 60 x 1200 mm
- 1 File for
Acrylic glass
- 1 Deburring blade for deburring edges and surfaces


Complete set "Filing and Deburring"

Adhesive fixing mat: fast fixing of Acrylic glass
- holds without glueing, double-sided, adhesive on inclinations up to 60°
- High coefficient of friction 0,72 to 1,08 µ makes the mat perfect for grinding, polishing, gluing and storing of
Acrylic glass on the wall
- high tensile strength - top quality!
- Measurements approx. 60mm x 1200mm

Acrylic glass file: Blade for Acrylic glass GS and XT
Deburring blade: for deburring of
Acrylic glass between 3-25 mm thickness in one stroke

- Perfect for edges and surfaces because of double-sided use of the deburring blade

Your advantages at one glance:

Adhesive fixing mat for quick fixation of the workpiece -stops the slipping-around

double-sided usage. Adhesion up to 60°

All-purpose-fixing: grinding, polishing, glueing...

Storing Acrylic glass sheets on the wall? No problem!

Experts know about costs for file working. The PLEXIGLAS® file cuts easily and fast.

No remaining swarfs between the teeth

Big gap between the teeth rows - high abrasion and faster working speed. High productivity.

Get rid of remaining glue - just file away

Fits for other materials

Changing blades within seconds

With the Card scraper you can reduce working time for deburring up to 50 %

Deburring both sides of the edge in one stroke (3 mm to 25 mm)

Perfect for PLEXIGLAS® GS, XT, SDP, Resist and other plastics

Get rid of opaque and scratchy cutting edges before polishing


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