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Art. Nr. 30010082 

PLEXIGLAS® Tap & drill set

For each tap, there's a drill in the matching size. The swarfs are transported backwards out of the hole. So, the hole is not clogged. By this technique, it's possible to create a flat, short tip. The tools will thread right down to the very bottom of the freshly cut hole. And: you do not have to clean the hole from swarfs - they're already gone. You're saving time and effort while producing higher quality at the same time.

Your advantages at a glance:
⌧ Left-turn rifling, resulting in
⌧ Transport of the swarf out of the hole.
⌧ No clogging the hole.
⌧ Matching drills for all taps
Acrylic glass rifling.
⌧ All tools at hand in a cleanly ordered box.
⌧ Faster, safer and better working.


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