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Art. Nr. 01030014  

Hinge-technique gluing tape

Perfect tape for hinge-technique gluing. With this tape, you form little hinge-pockets for an adhesive reservoir, so that the gaps resulting from the shrinkage of the adhesive (15 - 20 % volume). The gluing tape sticks only at the green sides and not in the silver center strip for zero interference with the adhesive.

Your advantages at a glance:
against Polymerization and solvent based adhesives.
⌧ Adhesive on the tape harmonizes with fluid adhesives and does not keep them from hardening.
Sticks only at both green side strips, not in the center strip (silver-transparent
Ideal for forming hinge-pockets to hold an adhesive reservoir needed to fill the gaps as a result from shrinkage of the adhesive (15 - 20% volume).


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